Bible studies

30 May 2020

This week, we are starting a series of five bible studies on "Faith in the time of Coronavirus". Each one looks at a passage of scripture to help us refelect on our experiences. We will be using Zoom, so you can join through your computer, tablet, smart phone or landline. If you would like more details, contact the church office email address. 

Sing your heart out!

30 May 2020

Check out the latest tab we've added to our website...

Lyric videos of 20 of the church's favourite hymns - as voted for by you! A whole selection of great classics, that'll lift anyone's spirtis! 

Floodlights - in memory

31 May 2020

This month, the church floodlights are lit in memory of the following:

June 4th - "In Loving Memory of Andrew."

June 21st - "For my Mother, Elizabeth Welbourne."

June 22nd - "Loving memories of Richard."

June 30th - "Loving Birthday memories of John,"

If you would like the lights dedicated for a special occasion or memorial, please let us know. 

Knitted hearts

31 May 2020

We are still asking people to knit and crochet hearts for us - these will be hung in church when the building reopens, in memory of those who have lost their lives to Coronavirus, and in tribute to all those who risk their own safety working on the front line to care for others. Do get in touch and let us know if you have made any hearts, so that we can arrange for their collection in the next few weeks. 

Parish Giving Scheme

30 Mar 2020

A new system for giving to church direct from your bank account was launched in the Diocese this January. We have benefitted enormously from people giving in this way during the lockdown. If you are interested in supporting the church with a regular donation through the parish giving scheme, then please do get in touch with us. Further details can be found here:

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