Welcome to Junior Church at St. Margaret's . We will be posting links to crafts, videos and activities here right through lockdown... to help you learn, pray and worship together... and are looking forward to seeing you all again when life returns to normal! 


Bad guy turned good!

09 May 2020

So what happened after Easter, when Jesus had gone back up to heaven? Find out today about Paul - bad guy turned good - and about how Jesus wants to be friends with all different kinds of people... sometimes even the ones we don't really like! 

Share the news!

02 May 2020

This week, Hattie and Andrew bring our bible story to life, and all our activities get us thinking about the good news of Jesus' love and forgiveness, and how we can share it with those around us. Enjoy! 

Breakfast on the Beach!

24 Apr 2020

Welcome to another Something for Sunday! This week, we have another great Easter story… of the risen Jesus enjoying a campfire breakfast on the beach with his friends! I’m not sure if I fancy a campfire breakfast – especially not with fish – but maybe if the weather stays nice, you could enjoy a BBQ tea in the garden in the next week or so?! Watch, make, pray and colour - by clicking the picture on the left! 

On the road with Jesus!

18 Apr 2020

Click on the picture to the left, to download some great resources to help you explore the amazing story of the Road to Emmaus. Two friends, deeply sad at the death of their friend and teacher, Jesus, are joined by a third person as they walk along the road... watch, make, pray and colour, there's loads here to keep you busy and get you thinking! 

Happy Easter!

11 Apr 2020

Jesus is alive! Enjoy celebrating with these different stories, crafts, activities and colouring pages. Why not share some of what you get up to - and the good news of Easter  - with folks walking past your house, by sticking a craft or coloured picture in your window!  

Something for Holy Week

07 Apr 2020

Lots of videos, online activities, crafts and colouring -  click on the picture on the left to find everything you need to help you explore and think about some of the most important stories that we tell during our church year. Make sure you post some pics of what you've been getting up to, and how you've been marking Holy Week at home, on our church Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/StMargaretsChurchHorsforth/) !

Palm Sunday colouring, crafts and more!

04 Apr 2020

Well, here's our first something for Sunday! Click the Palm Sunday image on the left for links to videos, crafts and colouring to help you celebrate Palm Sunday together. Don't forget to send us any photos or videos by messenger or email... we'd love to see what you've been up to! 

Junior Church - general information

01 Jan 2020

What is Junior Church?

Junior Church is part of the (main) Sunday morning 10 am service. It provides an introduction to Christian life for younger members of the congregation and allows them to participate in age-appropriate worship (e.g. silly songs with lots of actions). Showing kids the value that Christianity can have in their lives. Having fun!

What happens in Junior Church?

A typical Junior Church session starts with everyone gathering round for a brief introduction by one of the leaders. The kids are encouraged to tell us about any special events in their lives (birthdays, trips, pets giving birth etc). A (topical) prayer is said and a hymn (traditional, modern or downright silly) is sung.

We then break up into three group: younger (up to Year 1); middle (Year 2 to Year 7 inclusive); older (Year 8 and above). There is at least one leader for each group. A group may do craft, quizzes, short dramas etc. The older the group the more bible study there will be. The focus is on learning through fun.

Which Sundays will there be a Junior Church?

There is no Junior Church when there is family service or a parade service. There will be something for both adults and children. Parade services are attended by the uniformed organisations associated with St Margaret's (e.g. Scouts, Brownies, Cubs, Rainbows) and the service is focused on children.


There is no Junior Church during the main school summer holidays (late July to early September). Though there maybe ad hoc activities over the summer depending on the availability of leaders. Junior church is often skipped for the Sunday between Christmas and New Year as well.

There is a rota for the Junior Church leaders which will also tell if it's on.

Where is Junior Church held?

Junior Church is always held in the Parish Centre next to the church itself. Sometimes during the summer months we may go out into (but never leaving) the church grounds.

When does Junior Church take place during the service?

Early in the service, the Junior Church members and leaders will gather at the front for a blessing, and then head-off to the Parish Centre. For communion services, the kids will be back just before or at the start of communion. For morning worship services, the kids will be back in time for the last hymn.

What age groups does Junior Church cover?

We teach three age groups: younger; middle ; older (or youth). The youngest, unaccompanied children we take are ones in reception. However parents / carers are welcome to stay and play with children younger than this. Similarly parents / carers are always welcome to accompany their children to Junior Church.

Any parents / carers who want to stay with their children in the youngest (key stage 1) group are particularly welcome since the children in this group often need more help.

Do my kids have to go into Junior Church?

Absolutely not. Children are always welcome in (main) church, and there is a dedicated play corner.

What checks are performed on the Junior Church leaders?

All junior church leaders have up to date DBS checks. There is a minimum of three DBS checked junior church leaders in each session. The Church of England considers Safeguarding to be a high priority.

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