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Junior Church Psalms

The older members of Junior Church were inspired to write their own psalms as part of a recent study of psalms.


Psalm One

God is glorious and mighty!

You believe in us,

And you care for everyone even if they’ve done wrong.

The tree and plants are perfect and calming.

God, you always let me know that I am loved.

I’m grateful to you Jesus, because you died for me.

Therefore, I will spread your love through me to others,

no matter who they are, no matter what beliefs.


Psalm Two

God I will follow your path

Because you are so loving and powerful

And you care for all people and animals.

Your world is beautiful and filled with amazing things!

Thank you God for protecting me and those I care about.

Thank you Jesus for showing me how to make a bad situation better

Because of the love and grace you showed us.

Therefore, I will be thankful for love with others.


Psalm Three

Lord, you are all powerful

Because you are so good

and so caring for your people.

Seeing a sunset or sunrise is what keeps me going,

The most beautiful thing is hearing the song of the birds coming alive.

You protect us with your love.

I love you Jesus, because you died to save me from my sins.

Because of you, I will share your love with others 

and make this world a brighter place.


Psalm Four

Lord, I give thanks to you!

Because you are filled with the love of the universe

And you guide us with your love.

Your oceans are enchanting and your mountains are wonderful.

You comfort me when times aren’t the best

And you make sure whatever happens, it will all end well.

Jesus, I know I am loved because you died for me.

Therefore, I will praise you forever and always.


Psalm Five

O Lord, you are amazing!

Because you are so loving

And you are the joy in everyone’s heart.

The world is beautiful and sunsets are calming.

God you teach me how to lead a good life.

Thanks you for believing in us,

You died for us even when we doubted you.

Therefore, I will be grateful and give thanks for your unending love.


Psalm Six

Lord you are so wonderful

Because you are all loving

And you are always there for me.

Let us praise you for your flowers and you trees!

God you lead me on the path towards all things good,

I know I will always find my way with you by my side.

I love you Jesus because you never give up on me.

Therefore, I will be forgiving and loving to others.

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